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Chic Black Owl Purse

  • $9.95
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Get your Chic Black Owl Purse today for only $1.00 + shipping!

Limit: 5 items per order

Main Material: Canvas and PU Leather
Length: 12 cm
Width: 10 cm
Weight: 40 g

International delivery times:
USA: 5-20 days.
Rest of world: 15-45 days.

Reviews (8):

By Maia G. - November 2016

"Saw this on Facebook and couldn't pass it up!"

By Andrea N. - September 2016

"Ok - so I just got my order and the purses are really great. Owl is beautiful! Shipping is a lot lower if you buy more than one :) Great for gifts and everyday use..."

By Maria G. - July 2016

"Love this purse. Beautiful, and just the right size!"

By Debra A. - June 2016

"Yes,I am an owl lover and I love this design - the black color goes with everything!!"

By Cassandra B. - May 2016

"Apart from the shipping and handling cost this was perfect! Even then, buying this for less than $10 is amazing...I ended up buying 3 and saving on the shipping costs."

By Jennifer S. - May 2016

"I was worried this was one of those scams where you never get the product but after contacting the seller she provided me with the USPS tracking number! The goods came on time - definitely going to try and buy a couple more before they sell out."

By Candice L. - April 2016

"Can't believe this deal but it's probably because they are overstocked. Anyways, I'm not complaining - got mine yesterday and it's great! Shipping and handling a bit pricey but still REALLY worth it."

By Maria A. - April 2016



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